5 reasons to shop prelove.

Thifting has become one of those activities as has become novelized, deemed hip or trendy by the mainsteam media. And why not?

1) They’re Eco- Friendly.

Secondhand no longer consumes further resources, unlike new apparels where it takes 20,000 litres of water to process 1kg of cotton, equivalent to 1 pair of jeans and 1 t-shirt.

2) It saves money.

They are cheaper in price but not cheaper in quality. Someone else has paid full price for them and you are getting the end of a bargain. Fashion doesn’t have to be new to be awesome.

3) It is good for the environment in more than one way.

Every piece you pick up from prelove is a piece you are saving from landfills. Every year, only 15% of apparel wastes are reused or recycled, the rest are dumped on the landfill. Synthetic materials like polyester takes up to 200 years to decompose.

4) Reducing demand for fast fashion.

It decreases the demand for new, retails goods, creating less pressure to produce large volumes ,You are reducing the demand for slave labour and sweat shops and overproduction from high street fashion.

5) It is sustainable in a long run.

SUSTAINABLE is the buzzword that is being thrown around a lot these days and a lot of bad reputation regarding green-washing. The more we stop seeing secondhand as a stigma, the better of the community would be when it becomes integral part of our lives. The positive impact will be more durable when it becomes a culture.

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