5 reasons to shop prelove.

Thifting has become one of those activities as has become novelized, deemed hip or trendy by the mainsteam media. And why not? 1) They’re Eco- Friendly. Secondhand no longer consumes further resources, unlike new apparels where it takes 20,000 litres of water to process 1kg of cotton, equivalent to 1 pair of jeans and 1 t-shirt. 2) It saves money. They are cheaper in price but not cheaper in quality. Someone else has paid full price for them and you are getting the end of a bargain. Fashion doesn’t have to be new......

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Declutter 101

3 easy steps Take 15 minutes to pick out items you have not worn for the past year. Keep them aside in a box or a bag and have a think for 2 days, in case you change your mind. Once that is done, decision made. Drop the items with us or contact us and we will collect from you. Thank you for decluttering for a cause. You have made a positive effort to reduce environmental impact and reducing landfills. You have made a helpful contribution to the community with your donations....

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Declutter with a cause.

Are you a clothes hoarder? Do you like buying clothes but having trouble letting go despite the threat of the bursting cupboard? How many pieces of clothes do you have that you have not worn or worn once in the past 3 years? Why not declutter your wardrobe for a cause. Fashion Karma is making an effort to convert your unworn clothes to funds. We support sustainable fashion, an effort to lessen the environmental impact and reduce landfills. What do we do with the clothes that you donate? We will convert your unworn/......

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Choose Secondhand first, choose relove.

Waste not, want not… Shop sustainably this 2021. Why? -Textile is the second largest polluter in the world, just after oil industry. -20,000 litres of water used to process 1kg of cotton, equivalent of 1 t-shirt and a jeans. – 85 % of the daily needs in water of the entire population of India would be covered by the water used to grow cotton in the country. 100 million people in India do not have access to drinking water. Stephen Leahy, The Guardian How? Choose to prelove instead of buying new. Choose secondhand first......

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