Local Artisanal Handpoured candle

Created with intention

This project was born in the midst of worldwide pandemic, where everyone is struggling to find some sort of stability and familiarity with a new environment. A soothing companion while you work or when you’re winding down for the evening.

So here is CAHYA, our carefully blended duo scents to soothe, ease anxiety and stress. To bring light and comfort through scents and sound.


Small batch artisanal hand-poured candles using 100% plant based – vegan friendly wax. It is biodegradable, burns clean and non- carcinogenic.

Our scents are blended with therapeutic grade essential oils and fragrance that contain no phthalates, no paraben.

Wooden wicks are used for a natural and more sustainable option. The wick sometimes emit a crackling, popping sound while burning, similar to a fireplace. This beautiful effect is both calming and soothing.

Proudly hand poured in the Peninsular.
Main ingredients sourced locally.

Bergamot & Lemongrass 

A cool and delicate scent to gently nudge your senses to awaken. 

A crafted blend to promote concentration  and increase positivity

Notes : citrus , minty 

-refreshing, invigorating and yet grounding. 

Perfect scent to keep you company throughout your day.

Vanilla & Sandalwood

A creamy and rich scent to evoke the feeling of warmth, softness and nostalgia.
A soothing blend to relax and soothe the tension of the day away.

Notes : sweet , woody undertome
-sweet , rich and soothing
Paired with crackling sound the wick, a book and a comfy sofa would not be missed.


+ gift box
+ message card

RM 65 per jar.


The Gift of Light for Raya celebration.

+ twin set (Fokus and Komfort, 230gm each)
+ matchbox.
+ gift box.
+ message card.

RM 120 per set. (limited quantity)